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Five people were exposed when a rabid cat was found in the Wake Forest neighborhood.

Five people were exposed when a rabid cat was found in the Wake Forest neighborhood.

A Wake County news release states that five people were infected with rabies in a west Wake Forest neighborhood.

The county said a stray cat had a positive test result.

According to Wake County Health and Human Services and Wake County Animal Services, a woman called 911 on Tuesday to report that a tortoiseshell cat had become trapped near Durham and Creedmoor roads off Great Woods Road in Wake Forest.

The woman called animal services after the cat, she claims, came up on her porch and scratched and bit her.

The animal was quarantined after testing positive for rabies and later died there.

The wild cat was also exposed to four other people and a dog.

Everyone began treatment for rabies exposure right away, and the dog received a booster shot to prevent future cases.

Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of Wake County Animal Services, stated, "Due to the potential for exposure, it's crucial residents stay informed about cases like these in order to safeguard our community." Please exercise caution and refrain from approaching unknown animals. Remember: Stay informed and safe."

It is believed that a colony of feral cats on Old Creedmoor Road behind a nearby grocery store housed the captured cat. The Wake County Health & Human Services Communicable Disease Program can be reached at 919-250-4462 if anyone has come into contact with those cats.

Animal Control officials are urged to contact anyone who observes an unusual behavior from an animal. Please adhere to the instructions below:

  • Avoid approaching unfamiliar animals. Be cautious and keep a safe distance.
  • Wash the wound right away and see a doctor if you are bitten or scratched by an animal that has not been vaccinated.
  • Make sure your pets have had their rabies shot up to date. A booster vaccination is strongly suggested if your pet is permitted to go outside. Pets from outside should be kept inside until they get their booster shots.
  • Cats and dogs, as well as other stray or unknown animals, should not be fed. Stay away from any interaction that could expose you.
  • Unless you use a trash can with a lid that fits tightly, you should never leave food or trash outside. Keep your property from attracting wild animals.
  • Do not leave food out overnight if a pet is fed outside. Reduce the likelihood of attracting rabies-carrying animals.
  • In the event that a pet interacts with a creature that may be crazy, contact a veterinarian right away. To ensure your pet's safety, seek professional advice.

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