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Can belly fat be "walked off"? A personal trainer was consulted

Can belly fat be "walked off"? A personal trainer was consulted

Do you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat the right way? Strolling is an incredible method for consuming calories, developing fortitude, and working on overall wellbeing. But is it possible for it to assist you in losing those last few pounds of fat in your midsection? We sought expert guidance on the subject from personal trainers.

Christine VanDoren, PT, CN, a certified nutritionist and personal trainer at Strong Home Gym, offers advice in the following paragraphs:

Walking to Lose Weight: How to Include It in Your Daily Schedule

It goes without saying that walking is generally beneficial for weight loss, and it is possible to lose weight in your belly depending on how and where fat is burned (although spot reduction is a common myth). We'll look at how to achieve general weight loss through simple walking as your best bet.

VanDoren emphasizes that you can't "spot reduce" belly fat, no matter how you exercise. She elaborates, "Where you burn fat first and last is determined by genetics." She adds that "it really depends on the person" how many people burn fat "throughout their entire body at once."

Strolling, she notes, is an extraordinary type of activity, and it is "exceptionally powerful for weight reduction" when done reliably. " "It may simply take a different period of time for one person to do it compared to another, depending on how their body burns fat," she continues, "so technically, yes, you can walk off belly fat."

How frequently should you walk to lose weight?

VanDoren advises starting a walking weight loss routine by "determining how many days a week you have time to walk." She adds, "Start by walking one mile three times a week" as an example. "If you want to burn more calories, try adding another quarter mile every one to two weeks," she suggests.

To get the most out of your weight loss, she says to keep doing this over time. To make it harder, you can also try walking on an incline, increasing your speed, and wearing weight vests for your wrists and ankles. It's good to know!

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